7 Factors Cause the guy So Barren

7 Factors Cause the guy So Barren

7 Factors Cause the guy So Barren

Fertility disorders or infertility is not just a problem of women but also men. There are several factors that can cause fertility disorders in men can cause infertility. What is it? Within the last 50 years, the estimated male fertility has declined about 2 percent per year. Most of the disorders of fertility in men is caused by the wrong lifestyle choices. Experts reveal that when a couple is experiencing infertility, then the third is caused by women, one-third are caused by men and a third could be caused by both. Causes of infertility in men can be caused by Genetics, but there are also related to lifestyle.
1. Genetic Disorders
A genetic mutation could eliminate layers of carbohydrates around sperm thus reducing its mobility. If the boy inherited two genetic mutations from mother and father, then this condition will make it difficult to impregnate the pair.

2. Alcohol abuse
The man who became an alcoholic will have normal cells that are 30 percent less in the water maninya.

3. The problem of seekssual
Some sexual disorders that are owned by men such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction can make a man difficult to fertilize the female egg cell.

4. Cigarette smoking
One of the greatest negative impact might be felt by male smokers is the motility of the sperm.

5. Exposure to toxic substances
Frequent exposure to such toxic substances contained in pesticides or lead paint can damage sperm.

6. Use marijuana or drug
Men who use drugs such as cannabis or more can reduce the total amount of sperm as well as the volume of semen.

7. Often assuming the laptop
If using a laptop, it is often placed on the table or use the upholstery, since assuming the laptop can increase the temperature in the scrotum that affect the quality of the sperm.

Probiotics: Could Sauerkraut Be The Answer To Boosting Your Immunity This Winter?

008_594x261Look into keeps on demonstrating to us the wealth of advantages probiotics or sound/great microorganisms bring to the table us. From supporting our insusceptible framework to supporting processing they keep us solid. This is pointed as a manual for give you all that you would ever need to think about probiotics, the advantages they offer and additionally sustenances and supplements that contain them.

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What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are a kind of good microscopic organisms. Presently I know, the possibility of microscopic organisms being great is difficult to get your head around. All things considered, we are advised to utilize antibacterial hand wash and we utilize anti-infection agents to eliminate bacterial contaminations. This is on the grounds that terrible types of microscopic organisms can be risky, however great microbes can keep you sound.

The International Scientific Association of Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) characterizes probiotics as “live microorganisms that, when directed in satisfactory sums, give a medical advantage on the host”1. Probiotics are found in the digestive tract and can help your resistant framework battle contaminations. Also, they fortify the digestive squeezes, this ensures our digestive organs remain sound and work accurately.

They additionally help your body in engrossing supplements. Probiotics have a boundless scope of advantages including:

Bolster solid insusceptible framework

Help assimilation

Advance solid skin

Fight awful microbes

Prevent yeast and contagious diseases

Deliver vitamins B12 and K2

Everybody actually has probiotics inside them. Indeed, even infants are presented to microorganisms amid birth which begins the regular generation of probiotics. Be that as it may, on account of abuse of anti-toxins and a few nourishments containing their buildup, a great many people, even youngsters, need additional probiotics either through sustenance or supplementation.

There are numerous things that can slaughter your normal wellspring of good microbes including certain nourishments and chemicals. It is essential to keep up a solid level of probiotics as drawn out periods with low probiotics can bring about long haul harm to your digestive tract.In request to keep up sound levels of good microbes, avoid probiotic executioners. Some of which include:


The truth of the matter is anti-toxins will murder all microorganisms in your framework whether it be great or awful. Along these lines, it is key to guarantee you get enough probiotics amid a course of anti-infection agents. Regardless of the possibility that you don’t regularly utilize a probiotic supplement, this may be an opportunity to do as such. Also, guaranteeing right levels of good microorganisms while taking anti-infection agents to murder a disease will reestablish your safe framework and get you once again into great wellbeing.

Cultivated Meat and Dairy

In the US non natural meat and dairy contain little measures of anti-infection agents. This is on the grounds that non naturally raised creatures are given anti-infection agents both to fill them out and counteract maladies. So on the off chance that you routinely eat non natural meats and dairy you are constantly ingesting follow measures of anti-microbials which will impact your great microscopic organisms levels.

Sugar and Processed Foods

In the event that you eat expansive amounts of sugary or quick sustenances, this can detrimentally affect your levels of good microscopic organisms. Sugar advances development of awful microbes in the gut disquieting the adjust expected to remain sound.

Other great microscopic organisms executioners can include:

Tap Water




Advantages of Probiotics

See picture on Twitter

See picture on Twitter

Take after

Kristie Leong M.D. @DrKristieLeong

A late study recommends that #probiotics may avert #osteoporosis, albeit more research is required.

11:10 PM – 30 Sep 2016

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Investigate into the advantages of probiotics is progressing, in any case, numerous advantages have as of now been deductively demonstrated:

Support Immunity

Great microbes are imperative to keeping up your insusceptible framework. They are consistently rivaling awful microorganisms found in nourishments and chemicals we ingest so as to append themselves to our gut and help the receptor cells of the insusceptible framework. For whatever length of time that we open ourselves to enough great microscopic organisms, they figure out how to do this effectively keeping up our wellbeing.

Oversee Weight Effectively

Inquire about consistently proposes that probiotics could assume a gigantic part in powerful weight administration. A late study in large grown-ups demonstrated that probiotics brought down their body weight2. Likewise, a study in mice which focussed on mice which were hefty because of a high fat eating routine proposes that the utilization of specific strains of probiotics with a high fat eating regimen anticipated further weight pick up and along these lines could be valuable in lessening the danger of obesity3.

Emotional wellness

The gut is frequently alluded to as the second cerebrum. More serotonin, a hormone which upgrades your disposition, is created in the gut than the mind. Late research has demonstrated positive mental advantages with the supplementation of probiotics. Proposing the connection amongst probiotics and bringing down tension and depression4

Numerous different advantages of probiotics include:

Battle nourishment borne sicknesses

Avoid urinary tract contaminations

Help processing

Avoid abuse of anti-microbials

Prevent chilly and influenza

Battle microscopic organisms impervious to anti-microbials

Great Gut Bacteria

In the event that I asked you “where is your resistant framework?” what might your answer be? A great many people don’t tend to think about their safe framework as having a particular area inside the body. Subsequently it may astound to realize that 80 percent of your resistant framework is really situated in your gut. This implies what happens in your gut can have a colossal impact over you safe framework and general wellbeing.

In a solid gut, probiotics flourish and help the receptor cells of your invulnerable framework. It is immensely imperative to guarantee the right adjust of good and microscopic organisms inside your gastrointestinal tract. In a perfect world more than 85 percent ought to be great microorganisms.

To keep up your wellbeing, you have to guarantee you get enough probiotics in your eating regimen. This can forestall advancement of interminable sicknesses and ailments which are shockingly affected by the strength of your gut.

How Probiotics Work

There is constantly both great and terrible microbes inside your gut. The way to remaining solid is keeping up the right adjust. In a perfect world, you ought to hope to keep up 85 percent great microbes and 15 percent awful microorganisms.

Regularly through the utilization of good bacterial executioners, our adjust can be balanced. This can prompt issues, for example, yeast, contagious or bacterial diseases. One approach to keep this is to build your utilization of good microorganisms in your eating regimen.

Probiotic Foods

For some, numerous prior years having an icebox was a piece of every day life, individuals aged sustenances to stop them ruining. Matured nourishments are something you can eat which are rich with great microorganisms.

All societies have their own particular well known aged nourishment, for example, Germans and sauerkraut and Bulgarians and kefir. Individuals have been maturing sustenances for around 5000 years, in this way, eating nourishments rich in probiotics is just the same old thing new.

One tip to build your great microscopic organisms actually is to eat aged vegetables consistently. One serving of matured vegetables can have the same number of good microbes as a whole container of probiotics.

Aging is a generally simple process which is like pickling. With a determination of your most loved vegetables either slashed or ground you can put them into a capacity jug and cover them in salt water. Try not to be reluctant to include herbs and seasonings, yet recollect that aging increases the flavor so a little goes far. At that point you basically seal up your container and put aside in a cool go put for away to 14 days.

An incredible choice to strive for first time aging is a sort of coleslaw blend. Take cabbage (even attempt more than one write) with a few onions and carrots, include some pepper and cover with salt water. When prepared you can use with some crisply steamed potatoes and natively constructed mayo for a solid, probiotic stuffed lunch.

You can even mature vegetables yourself at home.

Surely understood Probiotic Foods


Young lady holding yogurt

Presumably the most understood probiotic sustenance is yogurt. Live societies yogurt is produced using the drain of dairy animals, sheep and goats. On the off chance that it is grass-sustained natural dairy yogurt, it is loaded with probiotics. In any case, make certain of where it originates from as non natural yogurt is lower quality and does not contain an indistinguishable level of probiotics from natural does.


A type of aged drain and kefir grains, kefir is an incredible probiotic nourishment. It contains up to 34 strains of probiotics and is like yogurt. It is entirely tart in flavor and can be an obtained taste, notwithstanding, it is unfathomably helpful to your wellbeing.


This German dish is a blend of matured cabbage and different vegetables which is rich in regular acids supporting the development of neighborly microscopic organisms. It is likewise stuffed with vitamin C which can help you clear colds rapidly.


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Kimchi is the Asian response to sauerkraut. It matures a blend of conventional Asian vegetables like chinese cabbage alongside sweet-smelling flavors, for example, ginger, five zest and fish sauce.


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Miso has been eaten by Chinese and Japanese societies for well more than 2000 years. Miso has likewise been utilized for a considerable length of time as a part of customary Japanese solution. It is made by maturing soy beans, rice or grain for up to two years and comes as a glue. Numerous individuals all through the world have attempted miso soup which is anything but difficult to get ready and helps assimilation.


Free stock photograph of nourishment, supper, grapes, nuts

Crude, unpasteurized cheddar produced using goat, sheep or dairy animals drain are high in probiotic content. Notwithstanding, sanitized cheddar has none of these advantages so dependably make sure to purchase the crude kind.

Probiotic Supplements

In the event that you feel you are not getting enough dietary probiotics, one arrangement is to utilize probiotic supplements. Nonetheless, there are numerous, numerous strains of probiotics a

Most Common Genetic Disorders in India

012_594x261Family qualities are extremely compelling. Different hereditary issue pass on to kids through their folks or grandparents and found in the family ancestry or ethnicity. While bearers may not experience the ill effects of this issue and carry on with a sound life, if both accomplices are transporters the danger of an influenced youngster is as high as 25%. A study by IGENOMIX appears out of 138 Non Consanguineous couple couples 6% had a high-danger of transmission to their posterity. This number is as high as 17% if there should arise an occurrence of consanguineous couples particularly in nations like Dubai.

In March 2006, look into conveyed by the March of Dimes Birth Defect Foundation reported the birth imperfection inescapability in India as 64.4 more than 1000 live births. Rao and Ghosh (2005) states, 1 out of each 20 babies admitted to the healing facility conveys a hereditary ailment that in the long run represent about 1 out of 10 newborn child mortality. In the locales with more harmonious relational unions, inherent irregularities and hereditary issue are the third most normal reason for mortality in infants. By and by, it is critical to keep the introduction of a youngster with hereditary issue hence lessening the hazard

Beat 5 most Common hereditary issue in Indian ethnicity are Beta-Thalassemia, Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle Cell Anemia, Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Hemophilia A.

Beta-Thalassemia: The study demonstrates 1 out of each 300 live births experiences Beta-Thalassemia. It is a hereditary blood issue conveyed in which the body makes an unusual example of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the protein in red platelets that conveys oxygen. Influenced individuals likewise have a lack of red platelets (frailty), which brings about fair skin, shortcoming, laziness, and more extreme intricacies. People with beta thalassemia are at expanded danger of developing unusual blood clusters. There is two sort of beta thalassemia: thalassemia minor (known as a transporter of the infection) and thalassemia major (likewise called Cooley’s weakness).

Cystic Fibrosis: Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a transmitted hereditary issue that causes persevering lung contaminations and limits the capacity to inhale after some time. A study by Igenomix indicates 1 in each 25 live births experience the ill effects of Cystic Fibrosis. Individuals with CF have acquired two duplicates of the inadequate quality, one duplicate from every parent, which brings about 25% danger of getting the ailment. CF Symptoms incorporate an issue in breathing, endless lung diseases, digestive, and regenerative issues.

Sickle Cell Anemia: Sickle Cell Anemia (SCA) is a hereditary blood issue that influences 1 in each 150 live births. It incites red platelets to develop into a bow shape, similar to a sickle. The sickle-molded red platelets split effectively, actuating pallor. These red platelets get by for just 10-20 days as opposed to typical 120 days. This causes extreme agony and lasting damage to cerebellum, heart, lungs, kidneys, and other body organs. In the United States, each year around 2,000 live births is conceived with sickle cell issue.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is a hereditary issue that strips a person of physical quality by impacting the nerve cells in the spinal string, heading out the vitality to walk, eat, or relax. SMA influences roughly 1 in 10,000 infants, and around 1 in each 50 live births is a hereditary bearer.

Hemophilia A: Hemophilia An or calculate VIII (FVIII) insufficiency is an inherited issue influenced by the absence of blemished element VIII, a coagulating protein. Despite the fact that it is conveyed in qualities around 1/3 of cases are prompted by an unconstrained change. As indicated by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hemophilia happens in roughly 1 in 5,000 live births. People with hemophilia An as a rule, drain longer than other individuals. Drains can happen inside, into joints and muscles, or remotely, from minor cuts, dental methodology or injury.

We as a whole have changes in our qualities, and the transporter screening test permits us to see if they could bring about an illness in our youngsters. 20% of newborn child mortality in created nations is brought about because of hereditary issue. Igenomix would give a key stage to screening the danger of transmission of hereditary issue to your unborn. Till yet Igenomix has dissected more than 7,500 examples and screened 6,000 transformation in 600 hereditary issue. It is the main clinically approved hereditary screening test in light of cutting edge sequencing, decreasing the danger of transmitting hereditary issue to 1:100,000. Hereditary infections can’t be cured yet can be averted with Carrier Genetic Tests (CGT).

Monumental deal to cut HFCs, fastest growing greenhouse gases

More than 150 countries have reached a deal described as “monumental” to phase out gases that are making global warming worse.

Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are widely used in fridges, air conditioning and aerosol sprays.

Delegates meeting in Rwanda accepted a complex amendment to the Montreal Protocol that will see richer countries cut back their HFC use from 2019.

But some critics say the compromise may have less impact than expected.

Three-way deal

US Secretary of State John Kerry, who helped forge the deal in a series of meetings in the Rwandan capital, said it was a major victory for the Earth.

“It’s a monumental step forward, that addresses the needs of individual nations but it will give us the opportunity to reduce the warming of the planet by an entire half a degree centigrade,” he told BBC News.

  • What is climate change?
John Kerry

Image captionUS Secretary of State John Kerry urged delegates to adopt an ambitious deal

The new agreement will see three separate pathways for different countries.

Richer economies like the European Union, the US and others will start to limit their use of HFCs within a few years and make a cut of at least 10% from 2019.

Some developing countries like China, nations in Latin America and island states will freeze their use of HFCs from 2024.

Montreal Protocol meeting in Kigali - 14 OctoberImage copyrightAFP

What is the Montreal Protocol?

  • International treaty designed to protect the environment against the impact of harmful substances
  • Created in 1987 following the discovery of a large hole in the Earth’s ozone layer over Antarctica
  • Came into force in 1989 with the main aim of ending the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
  • CFCs replaced by hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)
  • Amendment proposed after scientists discovered that, while they pose no threat to the ozone layer, HFCs contribute to global warming by trapping heat radiating off the Earth
  • The protocol has undergone a number of revisions since it was introduced and has been successful in eliminating more than 100 fluorinated gases

Other developing countries, specifically India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and the Gulf states will not freeze their use until 2028.

China, the world’s largest producer of HFCs, will not actually start to cut their production or use until 2029.

air conditioner

Image captionAir conditioning units were needed at the conference in Kigali as negotiations dragged into the night

India, will start even later, making its first 10% cut in use in 2032.

“Absolutely it’s a historic day,” said Durwood Zaelke, from the Institute for Government and Sustainable Development (IGSD), a long time participant in the Montreal Protocol talks.

“We came to get a half a degree of warming out of the system and we are going to walk away with about 90% from the Kigali amendment.”

Certainly if the agreement is implemented in full it will make a big difference to global warming. Experts estimate it will remove the equivalent of about 70 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2050.

“HFCs posed an immediate threat to a safe climate due to their increasing use and high global warming potential, thousands of times more potent than carbon dioxide,” said Christian Aid’s Senior Policy Advisor, Benson Ireri.

“By agreeing to an early HFC phase down schedule, we’ve bought ourselves a bit more time to shift to a global low carbon economy and protect the world’s most vulnerable people.”

fridgeImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES

Image captionThe deal will mean that new refrigerators will use less harmful cooling gases in the future

But some observers questioned the concessions made to India and China, suggesting they had weakened the overall impact. The target of cutting global warming by 0.5 degrees may not be realised.

“They needed an agreement here as it’s seen as an Obama legacy, so the US delegation has been pretty aggressive in making China and India get to an agreement,” said Paula Tejon Carbajal from Greenpeace International.

“It’s an incremental step towards 0.5 degrees but its not there yet, they say that the market will work to get us there, but we are not there yet.”

The US Secretary of State believes that the science underpinning the deal is sound. He is confident that it will have a huge impact on warming.

“I feel very positive about where we are, we ran all the numbers and everybody feels confident that the integrity of the substance of this is there,” he told the BBC.

Supporters argue that this agreement in Kigali will build on the foundations laid by the Paris climate agreement, signed by over 190 countries last December, and which becomes operational early in November.

They also point to the past history of the Montreal Protocol – over 100 fluorinated gases have been eliminated in the agreement’s 30 year history. Once the regulation has been passed, industry rapidly develops alternatives.

“The market is going to wash over India, and will sweep them along, they will make the transition a lot faster than the number they put up,” said Durwood Zaelke.

“Phase-outs have always driven the market transition so the laggards will be moved along by the market.”

There was a sense of quiet jubilation among delegates here when the deal was finally gavelled through in the early hours of Saturday morning.

‘It’s a big deal,” one observer said, “but it could have been bigger.”

Source: http://carakumenanam.com/bawang-merah/

China’s Shenzhou 11 blasts off on space station mission

China has launched two men into orbit in a project designed to develop its ability to explore space.

The astronauts took off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in northern China.

They will dock with the experimental Tiangong 2 space lab and spend 30 days there, the longest stay in space by Chinese astronauts.

This and previous launches are seen as pointers to possible crewed missions to the Moon or Mars.

An earlier Tiangong – or Heavenly Palace – space station was decommissioned earlier this year after docking with three rockets.

The astronauts on this latest mission were Jing Haipeng, 49, who has already been to space twice, and 37-year-old

Chinese astronauts Jing Haipeng, right, and Chen Dong, left, wave farewell to the crowd before getting on Shenzhou 11 spacecraft at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China on 17 October

From a remote launching station in Inner Mongolia, I watched the rocket tear through the sky.

It will take the astronauts about two days to reach the orbiting laboratory where they will live for a month. They will spend this time analysing plant growth in space and giving themselves ultrasounds to scan their bodies’ performance.

Only a handful of foreign journalists were allowed into the high-security base to view the launch. But why let any of us in?

Well for one this country is proud of its space programme. At a time when Beijing is being criticised for flexing its ever-growing muscles, especially in the South China Sea, this is something different.

China can portray itself not only as a powerful nation, but one which is contributing to the body of knowledge.

Along the road into the launch centre are several huge billboards featuring President Xi Jinping giving himself a little clap as a “Long March” rocket sends yet another team into space.

He knows that China’s ambitions in the stars may play well overseas but that means nothing to him compared to the credit he can take for them back at home.

Glass washrooms in China offer stunning views of the forest

Tourists can now relieve themselves while soaking in the stunning natural beauty of Shiyan Lake in China's Hunan province -- so long as they don't mind offering a (slightly blurry) view of themselves in the process.

A new public washroom in China’s Hunan province offers breathtaking views — so long as you don’t mind giving others a view of yourself. http://carakumenanam.com/cabe-hidroponik/

The walls, ceiling and floor of the toilet cubicles, located in Shiyan Lake Ecology Park, are almost completely transparent.
That means when nature calls users relieve themselves while simultaneously soaking in the stunning beauty of Shiyan Lake.
Washroom visitors aren’t fully exposed.
A portion of the glass, from the floor to just over the toilet seat, is slightly frosted, shielding users from those who might be tempted to sneak a peek of something other than the great outdoors.
Shiyan Lake Ecology Park’s glass washroom opened last week — just in time for China’s National Day holiday, when millions of Chinese take advantage of a week of public holidays to travel around the country.

‘Insane. Perverse’

Social media users in China appear to be divided over the park’s new attraction.
More than 14,000 comments have been posted on Chinese news site QQ.com since the toilets opened.
Many involve concerns about privacy.
“All the lechers will then stay in the toilets,” commented a user named Fong.
Meanwhile, reader Lin asked: “Who would dare go to a toilet like this? Insane. Perverse.”
Some questioned the intention of the designers.
“The toilet is another scenic spot,” commented Weibo user Qiu.
“Such a victory in that sense.”
This isn’t the first public washroom in China to offer sweet views.
According to Chinese state media, a male washroom in the southern province of Guilin offers urinals mounted in front of two glass walls overlooking the flora and fauna outside and the mountains in the distance.
But Hunan province might just lead the way when it comes to building dramatic glass structures.
It’s also home to the recently opened cliff-clinging glass skywalk and the longest glass bridge in the world, which towers over a steep canyon.
And for lovers of interesting restrooms, earlier this year backpacker bible Lonely Planet published a handsome book featuring more than 100 of them.
From pop-up pissoirs to clifftop drops, the gallery below shows a selection from “Toilets: A Spotter’s Guide.”

Maldives for solo travelers

The Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort is located in the Gaafu Dhaalu atoll.

While the Maldives is considered a top honeymoon destination for travelers around the world, the network of 1,190 low-lying coral islands scattered across the equator provides a considerable amount of fulfilling options for those flying solo, too.
There are a number of ideal islands for lone travelers that offer access to local traditions, food and plenty of adventure activities.
Among these is the Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort, one of the brand’s newest properties, located in the Gaafu Dhaalu atoll.
There’s no written history on the area and information is still transferred between generations orally.
As one of the most southerly chains of islands in the country, it was approved for tourism in 2005 and virtually unreachable for visitors until Kaadedhdhoo Airport was built in 1993.
My days in the atoll were spent learning about the country’s local traditions, food and enjoying spa and water activities.
There was never a moment I felt alone.
Here are a few ways to enjoy the Maldives — solo or with a mate.
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Getting to know local flavors

Curry dishes are usually accompanied with roshi -- a version of India's flattened bread.

Maldivian cuisine is heavily influenced by Indian, Sri Lankan and Arabic flavors.
The sweetness of coconut is paired with starch to create hearty meals, and, of course, fish abounds.
Skipjack tuna is the most valuable fish in the country, and the source of dried “Maldivian Fish” synonymous with the islands.
Various types of tuna, wahoo and mackerel are also widely used.
Curry, called “riha” in the Maldives, is usually accompanied with roshi — a version of India’s flattened bread.
The most popular curry cooked in the Maldives includes fresh tuna and is known as “mas riha”.
Kukulhu riha (chicken curry) is cooked with a different mixture of spices.
Vegetable curries in the Maldives include those that use bashi (eggplants), barabō, (pumpkin) chichanda (snake gourd) and muranga (moringa oleifera) as well as green unripe bananas and certain leaves as their main ingredients.
Most resorts, Konotta included, offer cooking classes for those who’d like to take a few recipes home.
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Hit the sea

The island offers snorkelers several nice spots to visit.

While it’s easy to simply relax and remain in awe of the pristine Indian Ocean, it’s even better to explore it.
Konotta’s vast coral network grows in abundance, attracting a large array of fish.
During a clear day of snorkeling, it’s easy to spot black and white tip reef sharks, spotted eagle rays, stingrays, parrotfish, hawksbill turtles and leopard sharks.
Bottle-nosed dolphins can also be found swimming in the calm waters.
Between the branching corals, pairs of butterfly fish feed on polyps.
A barrier reef circles the island and the drop off is easy to reach from the beach. It can be reached by swimming a few minutes across a shallow lagoon.
For divers, there are organized house reef and boat dives twice a day and private trips to more remote waters as well.
Outrigger’s restoration project, guided by resident marine biologist Caterina Fattori, studies the effect of climate change and other threats that challenge the health of coral ecosystems.
Alongside Best Dives Maldives, the island works to initiate coral planning in their home reefs to nurture future generations.
Twice a week, the biologist organizes a biology interactive presentation on the marine life on the barrier reef and guests can participate in coral plantation and other programs.
Another memorable experience is fishing on a traditional Maldivian boat, called a dhoni, which most resorts can arrange.
Local fisherman join the adventure and instruct passengers on best techniques for catching what can later be cooked on the island with your very own hands.
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Zen out

There is perhaps nothing more peaceful and gratifying than a yoga lesson as the sun rises.
Like most Maldives resorts, Outrigger Konotta Island provides these daily, even if you are the only one in attendance.
The resident yoga instructor helps students through meditation and general health tips guided by the principles of Ayurvedic wellness.
The island’s spa, Navasana, combines two Sanskrit words: “nava” — the vessel and “asana” — a term associated with the practice of yoga used to fortify as well as relax body and mind.
Local healing traditions and ingredients are abundant at Navasana.
The Maldivian treatment, for example, uses the coconut as a milky bath and scrub to exfoliate and soften the skin.
An aromatic oil massage completes the session to relax the body and mind.
And then there’s the ocean right outside, so blue it almost looks like a painting.

Taiwanese government allocated over US$310 million

Recently, the Taiwanese government allocated over US$310 million to construct a new technological center, which they dubbed Asian Silicon Valley.

Taiwan’s Premier, Lin Chuan, states, “It hopes this effort will bring the world’s most advanced ideas to Taiwan and attract high-level talent from overseas to improve the country’s competitiveness in the global market.”

While the government certainly has good intentions, http://carakumenanam.com/cara-menanam-sayuran/ new constructions alone will not infuse Taiwan with the Silicon Valley spirit.

While the government certainly has good intentions, new constructions alone will not infuse Taiwan with the Silicon Valley spirit.

What’s more worrisome is the country’s track record of government funded constructions becoming abandoned buildings soon after launch. If Taiwan wants to replicate the magic of the Bay Area, it needs to adopt its principles before all else.

Instead of sinking over US$310 million into a brand new tech cluster, Taiwan would benefit from adopting the lean methodology and refurbish older abandoned buildings for a fraction of the budget.

Taiwan has become a thriving country for innovations. Photo credit: Toomore Chiang

In Singapore, the government revamped dilapidated factory warehouses into the country’s biggest innovation hub. The project became known as Block 71, which is now home to 250 startups.

Taiwan should instead use this large sum of cash to incentivize talent and improve on the existing infrastructure. After refurbishing, the remainder of the money could be spent on tax breaks for foreign startups or financial support for homegrown startups that are showing traction.

Leverage Cultural and Regional Individuality

It is tempting to spin off of successful startups. Although there have been successes with similar companies in China, Taiwan is fundamentally different. It doesn’t have China’s market size nor the protectionist government policies.

Taiwanese entrepreneurs need to recognize and leverage the country’s fundamental differences and design novel solutions addressing those in the region.

Tim Cheng, CEO of FlyingV, the largest crowdfunding platform in Taiwan, shares his insights from seeing thousands of projects come and go.

Culture should be reflected behind any product.

“Taiwan is unique in Asia as it is a melting pot of Chinese, Japanese, American, and aborigines cultures,” he says. “This unique background and perspective should be the backbone of every business in Taiwan.”

He continues saying, “An example through crowdfunding is Justfont, the highest funded campaign in 2015.”

“No one could have foreseen the level of success a Traditional Chinese web font would achieve. Culture should be reflected behind any product. Din Tai Fung is another example of a company taking something inherently Taiwanese and grew it internationally.”

Other examples

Other startups show potential by leveraging culture. Gogoro is addressing the environmental impacts of Taiwan’s 15 million registered scooters and is now leading the electric scooter industry.

The live streaming company, 17 media, captured the population’s obsession with video streaming on mobile phones and recently raised US$23 million.

All these companies serve as great examples by straying away from the copycat model and creating novel and suitable products by leveraging cultural and regional individuality.

How Taiwan will become a major Asian startup hub

Like many countries after the 2008 financial crisis, Taiwan’s unemployment rate rose with no signs of stopping. Coupled with the country’s deeply rooted value in academic excellence and career advancement, stability became paramount.

Terry Cooke, former senior commercial officer of AIT Taiwan, points out that, “With a small internal market of only 23 million, fully 70 percent of Taiwan’s GDP is accounted for by exports.”

He continues saying, “As a result of its high degree of integration with global supply chains, Taiwan took a stronger hit and is suffering a longer recovery time from the impact of the global recession than its regional competitors.”

In a time when stability was paramount, risk was out of the question and so were startups.

Striving for more innovation

However, in recent years, Taiwan has been gearing to become the epicenter of innovation in Asia Pacific for a multitude of reasons. It  15th in global competitiveness, 10th and has one of the largest populations of software and hardware engineers in the world.

A factory in Taiwan. Photo credit: Steve Jurvetson

This workforce is responsible for parts of Tesla’s original design as well as the production of flagship products by global electronics leaders like Apple, Sony, and Microsoft. The country has also dominated the semiconductor industry for over three decades.

While Mandarin Chinese is the official language, English is part of the academic curriculum. Technological centers and innovation clusters are also growing organically throughout major cities such as Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung.

Along with this, Taiwan also ranks first in rankings and continues attracting foreign talent in all sectors.

These characteristics give Taiwan a unique regional and international advantage. However, there are institutional and cultural barriers limiting growth. Here are two suggestions on addressing these barriers.

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