A sign of Infertility in men and women

A sign of Infertility in men and women

A sign of Infertility in men and women

An estimated 1 out of 8 couples must face infertility or infertility. One sign of infertile couples are not able to conceive despite having sex without birth control for 6-12 months.

The following are signs of other infertility treatments.

1. Irregular menstruation or menstruation not
In women, one of the signs she was not infertile is her irregular or not even got the menstruation. This means that the body does not produce the egg cells.

To keep the regular menstruation, required cooperation between the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus in the brain, and the ovaries. When the cooperation it does happen, it is likely there is a hormonal disorder.

2. severe menstrual pain
Between 5-10 percent of infertile women who experienced a menstrual bleeding a lot. One cause is fibroids in the uterus. Meanwhile, severe menstrual pain could indicate there are endometriosis, a condition that also trigger difficult pregnancy.

3. Sight impaired
When peripheral vision (edge) you are opaque, You suddenly experience confusion, or irregular menstruation, it is a symptom of a prolactinoma tumor or nonkanker in the pituitary gland, which can effect conferring on fertility.

The pituitary gland make FENGSHEN regulating ovarian and egg cell production (FSH). The location of these glands in the brain close to the optic nerve. Hence, a prolactinoma can suppress the optic nerve and also the cells that make the FSH.

4. Lots of feathers on the body
Note whether there is a lot of fur on the face or other body parts. It can indicate hormonal disorder called polisistik ovarian syndrome.

5. Low Libido and sex is impaired function
Men who lost their libido, difficulty keeping erection, ejaculation disorders or experienced, there is swelling in the testis section, could have impaired fertility.

6. Overweight
Nearly 55 percent of the women who were overweight or obese before getting pregnant, and this excess weight would make it difficult to conceive.

However, women who are too thin, excessive exercise, or an athlete, and disrupted menstruation, can also have trouble getting pregnant.

Eating After 7 pm to make fat?

Eating After 7 pm to make fat

Eating After 7 pm to make fat

Eating after 7 p.m. was believed to be the cause of many people’s weight continues to grow. Diasup food in the evening is said to be stored into fat.

Don’t believe the myth, because there is no universal benchmark when we should stop eating.

Theresa Kinsella, R.D., a nutritionist, said that we should pay attention to hunger cues from our body, rather than eat based on factors outside the body, such as a specific time. manfaat sit up
“The important Fact is not at how much we eat, but how we eat. There are people who’ve been to dinner but still stayed up late watching tv whilst snacking. The habit is to be avoided, “he said.

To prevent excess weight gain, the important thing is to set portion to eat all day, not just at the top of the hour 7 nights.

Each person also has different dining hours. Maybe because we had a new flurry of packed 9 pm, but better we fill the stomach of the sleeping on an empty stomach.

Marci Evans, nutritionist, says that the metabolism of the body continue to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Consistently eat every few hours, especially when it is hungry, it will make us feel comfortable and body don’t think we don’t believe in food,” said Evans.

However, we recommend that you do not eat within close to bedtime. When we sleep in this condition of stomach fullness, bloated belly is becoming a risk, a sense of heat in the solar plexus, and other digestive disorders. Any sleep so disrupted.

Light on Your Feet


Its one thing to show up at your business meeting prepared mentally for the meeting and with all of your business needs at your fingertips. If that was all business travel entailed, that would be challenge enough. But to carry off a successful business trip, you have to think about your personal needs, medical needs and everything you might require. The ability to travel light on a business trip is truly a refined skill that takes into account the ordeal you might go through at the airport, the potential for lost baggage and what you really do need once you get to your destination.

Many travelers have a firm ethic about not checking bags. The result is you see almost a comical effort by travelers to drag huge bags onboard and jam them into overhead bins. As a business traveler, your ability to relax and pass through the airport system with little fuss is paramount. When you take bulky bags on board on an airplane, you exchange the time at baggage claim for a huge hassle in getting your bags on and off that airplane.

It’s best to balance what you really need at your destination with the problems of taking too much on board. To reduce your anxiety about baggage claim, leave plenty of time between your travel plans and your business appointments at your destination. If you have several hours or a day before you must make your business contacts, you can relax and go through the baggage claim process without anxiety.

The other problem with baggage claim is lost luggage. So to assure you will have the basics when you get to your hotel, lost luggage or not, pack a very small bag to take on board. In that bag, only take your basic requirements. Include your medications, contact lens supplies, sample sizes of toiletries, underwear and one change of clothes. Then you have what you need for one night and the next days meetings while your baggage catches up with you.

To pack light, do a good inventory of what you really do need. There are some economies you can utilize to greatly reduce the bulk of what you are going to take without sacrificing your needs and ability to look good when you make your business contacts. Wanna more listing? you can find at direktori bisnis Indonesia

* Wear a basic outfit. If you have a suit or other garment you know will be your anchor piece, wear it on the plane. You can also wear a coat or jacket that you might need there and then fold it and use it for a pillow on the plane thus keeping it out of your bag. That coat is not considered part of your carry on but it helps you reduce your baggage bulk.

* Economy of space in your bag. Compress what you pack and use every empty space. Pack socks into shoes and roll your clothing rather than lay them flat to squeeze the empty air filled space out of them. You can always iron and get pressed any outfits that get wrinkled in route once you are at your destination.

* Mix and Match. Take outfits that can be used over again with a different pant or shirt combinations.

* You can get it there. Don’t take anything that won’t get guaranteed and frequent use. If there is something you might need, remember, you can buy it there in a drugstore or nearby store. So don’t let anxiety make you over pack.

These steps can reduce your packing problems and result in a workable travel system that will reflect that you are well organized and ready for the road. And there is no better feeling than to come home and realize you used everything you took and needing nothing else while you are on that important business trip for your company.

Source : http://street.co.id

Is Now a Good Time to Panic?

Five ways to avoid jet lag for business travellers-large

The unfortunate thing about business travel is that, unless you are able to fly by private jet, you will have to use public transportation to travel any significant distance at all. That means you are going to have to deal with airports, security procedures, crowds of “non business” travelers around you at all times and the inevitable delay or canceled flight.

As a business traveler, you have a mission to complete. This is not necessarily an adventure nor is it something you are doing for fun. Its business and you handle it as business. If you travel frequently on business, you have a standard process you go through to handle waiting for flights and how to store and retrieve travel documents when they are needed.

Most of time we had handle the presence of large crowds around us. After all those families on vacation, groups of teenagers on spring break or young couples on honeymoon have as much right to the airways and the airports as you do. But everything changes when flights begin to get canceled, especially if you are in a situation where so many flights are canceled and large amounts of people are going to be stranded in that airport overnight.

When such a situation begins to loom, it is easy to sense that feeling of panic rise up as you sense it happening in those around you. Inexperienced travelers may have no idea how to handle this situation. But as a business traveler, you are there doing the bidding of your company. You probably are on an expense account of some sort and you should have good credit that you can use to navigate this situation. So if you see an airport shutdown situation happening around you, you may ask yourself that question, “Is this a good time to panic?” The answer is no. But it is a good time to act fast so your needs are met.

It is always a good idea to keep your wits about yourself in an airport situation so you can take action early if you see an airport shutdown situation beginning to happen around you. The thing to remember is that you are the one in control here and you do not have to let yourself be put at the whim of the airlines or the airport. But detecting the crisis coming early is the key and taking quick action.

Often as flights begin to get canceled, you may find yourself in long lines to try to rebook flights or find a solution to the problem. Realize that if the airport is stopping all flights due to weather or other reasons, there is no resolution waiting for you when you get to the front of the line. And staying in line will only add to your sense of crisis and panic.

So get out of that line! You have resources to make accommodations for yourself. The last thing you want is to have to pass the night in that airport. If you can get another form of transportation, you can still get to your destination albeit a little late. But rental car agencies are going to be flooded with people who, like you, are looking for a solution. So the earlier you can diagnose the situation as not acceptable and get a car, the faster you can leave the airport and head for a hotel or for your destination.

Use the same strategy in booking a room at a nearby motel or hotel. If you can get to private accommodations for the night, you can work, make your phone calls and preserve your energies so you are able to conduct business well once the crisis is passed. But the key is don’t panic, devise a solution quickly and put your plan into action efficiently so you can redeem as much of the day as you can because of your wise use of resources.

Best Celebrity Inspired Haircuts To Rock This Summer

We all want to look stylish and feel like a star. Most of us follow our favorite stars and trying to look like they are on several occasions. When we have to decide what to wear to a wedding or big event we turn to them for fashion advice and go though the appearance of their past to decide on an outfit or just get the same thing.

As we have to follow their style of clothing and jewelry, here are the most stylish haircuts and hairstyle not exhibited by Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities that we can easily make do with this summer. Get this haircut and added silver jewelry such as earrings that look more glamorous. Model Rambut Terbaik

1. Chop blunt: If you have wavy hair, this is the best option. As Charliez Theron showcased this look with long jaws, hairy and rugged combo this summer. This adds bounce to your hair, you can remain open without feeling the heat and just show off about they add character to your hair. You can choose between the long jaw and shoulder length according to your preferences.

2. shaggy fringe: If you follow the Taylor Swift you have actually realized it looks. He showed off a hairy fringe at The Met Gala this summer with long hair. This looks cool, versatile and accompany the sexy lingerie. Add silver jewelry like earrings and just complete the look.

3. go Bob: hairstyles now proper hairy in the trends but if you want to look sleek, go for a sleek bob with the sharks that make up your face. But along with Priyanka Chopra flaunting an entirely different style when his feathered bob has a different length on either side for dramatic effect. You can choose to do it or just get a basic bob and add highlights or streaks. Even the curls look good in bob cut. Buy online silver jewelry such as buttons and add them to complete the look.

4. fixed length: If you like the length of your hair and does not want to cut them. Then this is what it can do, it just goes by way of Deepika Padukone and their streak. Long hair and lines go perfect together. You can go blonde, Brown, red or anything you want when it comes to color the lines. Long hair looks perfect with traditional silver jewelry like chand balis or maang tika well.

5. Pixie cut: this is the perfect boho hair cut, short cut and ended up with a little prickly. Everyone from Gul Panag Emma Watson, Halle Berry, showcased this look. It keeps the focus on your face and can be done by adding the bangs or fringe. Sexy and edgy and if you need to see good change just go for it.

6. short and curly: Kangana Ranaut Getting sporty look You flaunt your curly hair in the style of bob length or shoulder. This looks great with natural curly hair and go with any outfit. Buy silver jewelry online and adorn your hair with tikas maang complicated and earrings. Model Baju Modern

7. stay long but bang: get your long layered hair starting with their Chin tilted to the outside. Side-swept band is the main view with layers, you can decide the length if you want to go short or long enough for it to sit behind your ears. This look is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan went looking for most occasions. You can add streaks or highlights to accentuate the look and show off their old layer with Your ethnic clothes or even West.

10 Steps Bathing Persian Cat

10 Steps Bathing Persian cat – Persian cat has a long, silky hair that needs special care. Although Persian cats often lick their fur as a way of coat care, extra care by the owners still needed. Coat care (comb) regularly removes loose hair and made the hair does not tangle. In addition to combing, bathing Persian cats are also needed, especially if they are often located outdoors. Dust and dirt will easily contaminate the fur of cats and disturbing beauty as well as their health. Bathing menjadii Persian cats can indeed challenging task, but with perseverance and a bit of basic knowledge, everything will not be a problem anymore.

10 Steps Bathing Persian Cat

10 Steps Bathing Persian Cat

Here are tips bathe Persian cats:

1. Fill the tub with warm water until half-full. Pour 1/2 tsp. liquid dishwashing soap into the bathtub.

2. Place the cat slowly into the water.

Always catch hold when the process of bathing a cat that does not jump out. Keep your cat’s head is not exposed to water.

3. Pour the water into the body of a cat with a cup. Do not rub the fur because it will only make it become tangled.

Quite averaged feather downward. Do not let water get into the ear, mouth, eyes, or nose of your Persian cat.

4. After that, let the cat’s body is submerged in water for about one minute.

5. Remove the water from the tub. Continues to catch hold of the cat.

6. Refill the tub with warm water to rinse the cat up to half of the remaining soap.

Pour water on the body of the cup and rub the cat with fur in one direction (downward). Soak the back of his body in the water for one minute.

7. Lift the cat out of the tub. Squeeze the cat’s fur gently to remove excess water.

8. Put the cat body with a soft towel.

Use more than one towel if needed to make sure excess water can be absorbed everything.

9. Brush the cat’s fur with a metal comb so as not to wrinkle.

10. Blow dry cat fur and use the lowest heat. Dry the fur piece at a time.

How to Whiten Skin With Mask Yam

How to Whiten Skin With Mask Yam – yam, fresh white fruit is very famous and can be used as a way to whiten the face naturally, even not only the face but the whole body. Yam contains pachyhrizon, rotenon, vitamin B1, and vitamin C, this fruit has a sweet and fresh because it contains inulin. Already many cosmetic products that use basic ingredients yam, and has been since ancient times women use yam to be protective skin as well as cold powder when performing activities outside the home.

How to Whiten Skin With Mask Yam

How to Whiten Skin With Mask Yam

yam is not the fruit that is difficult to obtain, a lot of fruit on the market or fruiterers. And the price is relatively cheap so no need menggelurkan costs a lot to buy. yam is very good to be consumed directly, especially with chilli salad will definitely be more stable, it is extremely beneficial to nourish the skin from within. Besides being able to nourish from the inside by means of direct consumption, yam capable black blemishes and according to the color yam is very effective to be used as bleach facial masks in a way made. Consider how to make beautiful masks ya yam following from Cara membuat masker bengkoang :

Yam masks to whiten
Take yam, with a medium size, then wash. Then peel jicama after completion puree and squeeze the juice in a bowl shard input. Allow to sari-sari settles. After settles bowel and use the clear juice that has been settled for a mask.
If the yam sediment to be stored and used the next time, when to use it add a little cold water.
Yam mask to disguise black biintik
Use 1 and then grated yam and paste diwajah let stand for 20 minutes. Then rinse. Do it three times a week.
yam to brighten skin
Use jicama as much as 2 pieces or as needed, then grate and add a few drops of rose water and then dry in the sun to dry. Use it as a mask 2 times a week.

This Powerful, Simple Way To Make The Stomach Full For Longer

This Powerful, Simple Way To Make The Stomach Full For Longer

This Powerful, Simple Way To Make The Stomach Full For Longer

There are a wide variety of diets to lose weight. Recently this research team from Wateningen University, Netherlands, mentions that by consuming more white water, the stomach will feel satiated longer.

This study involves more than 19 people are divided into two groups. Researchers did Magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI) in the stomach and the brain to see how the participants a sense of satiety that occurs in the stomach and the brain effect on participants.

Quoted from Express, any participants divided into two groups. Initially, the two groups prompted consumes milkshke. Later, the first group of drink water in a small glass with a 50 ml size and the second group drank plain water in large glasses with a size of 350 ml.

“The results of the MRI scan on the belly shows that drinking large glasses of plain water fill stomach capacity is two times more than when the participants drank a small glass of white water,” said Guido Camps, lead author of the study.

Camps added that at the same time, people who consume water in large glass claimed to feel more satiated and not too hungry. While in the area of the brain called the mid-temporal gyrus, visible presence of activities that are affected by the consumption of more airputih.

Reported Health Day, further studies are still needed. In doing so, it will be retrieved information strategically how the combination of food and drinking water can help people feel full sooner.

In conclusion, Guido said water consumption will meet the size of the stomach and will limit the appetite in the short term. In addition, the activity of certain brain regions increased.

How to calculate ideal body

How to calculate ideal body

How to calculate ideal body

Ideal weight must be yearning every person whether both men and women. Ideal weight has will increase confidence in the aktivitas daily and routine job. Many also wonder in their hearts whether they have their ideal weight or not?. To know the ideal weight can not only refers to the weight scales results only. According to the World Health Organization standard weight so that someone can be said to have had an ideal weight.

It should be also known in order to determine the weight there are formulas that can be used. For example, the formula is often used as a reference, namely the formula BMI (body mess index) and Brocha. Both formulas are very commonly made as a tool to calculate ideal body. cara menghitung berat badan ideal


If your current one being uneasy thinking about your current weight have entered the category ideal or not? then could try to calculate using both types of formulas that we mentioned earlier. How to hitungnya not too hard, it could even do it yourself. Alright, let’s discuss how to calculate your weight with the formulas.


The formula BMI (Body Mess Index) or also called IMT (body mass Index) often in jadiak of reference to know the weight of a person. This formula combines the calculation between a person’s height and weight. So the result will be that person’s ideal weight. Berukut this is the formula:

Ideal weight = weight (Kg): (height x height)

For example: your weight: 50 kg (1.68 m x 1.68 m) = 45:2.82 = 17.0 is your BMI Value.

Risks and Adverse Effects of Operation Fault

Risks and Adverse Effects of Operation Fault

Risks and Adverse Effects of Operation Fault

Cesarean surgery is surgery to remove the baby through the abdominal wall that is in surgery. The operation was carried out by a variety of factors such as trauma, painless, want quick progress. Implementation of cesarean performed about 30 minutes-2 era. And if a caesarean section to deliver the baby has a convenience, but it has a bad risk to the mother or baby was born.

The Risks and Adverse Effects of Operation Fault many underestimate it, because more women choose caesarean to ease childbirth. Well, just look at anything just Risks and Adverse Effects of Operation Fault following:

Operating Risks for Mother’s Fault

Caesarean section that fails can result in risk of maternal mortality. In the US, the mortality rate in caesarean of their own accord is 5.9 per 100,000 live births, compared to 2.1 in normal labor. Longer recovery period, can be up to 6 weeks or more. The risk of infection after surgery ranged between 2-15%. Urinary tract infection, especially in and is more common in women who are overweight. The frequency of bleeding is higher. Having problems with the placenta, ruptured uterus and growth of the fetus outside the uterus (ectopic) in subsequent pregnancies. Delays breastfeeding and emotional fabric of the mother-child relationship because of the surgical wound and anesthetic. Baby of caesarean section is usually directly placed in the observation room.

Apart from the many requests for a Caesarean, in fact this procedure has a high enough risk. Caesarean have an increased risk of maternal death three times greater than normal delivery. The death rate attributable directly to a Caesarean is 5.8 out of every one hundred thousand labor.

Moreover, the notion that natural childbirth is far more painful than childbirth Caesarean also not entirely correct. Delivery by caesarean section have a morbidity rate of about 27.3 percent higher than a normal delivery. An increased risk of cesarean delivery is due to:

Possible 5 times more likely to experience cardiac arrest.
3 times greater possibility for the removal of the uterus or hysterectomy because of bleeding as a complication of cesarean delivery.
Possibility 3 times more likely to become infected during childbirth.
Possibility 2 times more likely to experience blockage of blood vessels.

Fault Operation Risk for Infants

Caesarean was not only affect the mother’s condition, but also babies born. The risk of infant mortality, the risk of infant respiratory problems, the risk of infant brain disorders and trauma risk babies to be 3.5 times greater than the normal delivery.

Even when your baby is born caesar not experience the problems mentioned above, a Caesarean had a pretty big impact on the immune system of children. Prof. Patricia Lynne Conway, Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Science at The University of New South Wales said that various studies conducted indicate a difference in the composition of gastrointestinal microbiota in infants born by caesarean compared to babies who are born normal. Though microbiota has an important role in the maturation of the immune system of the baby, especially in the form of oral tolerance (oral) and reduced risk of allergies. It can affect the baby’s body resistance because although the intestinal immune system has matured in infants born at term, but the function of the intestines protection requires early stimulation of bacterial colonization of the baby’s life.

Babies born caesar takes about six months to reach the intestinal microbiota similar to infants of normal birth. “The results show that babies born Caesarean had a gut microbiota establishment was delayed and has a higher risk of many diseases,” said Prof. Conway.

Babies results likely higher Caesarean breathing problems (neonatal respiratory distress). The risk of developing asthma is also greater in infants results section. Risk infants exposed to the scalpel. The risk of premature birth. Often, it is difficult to calculate the exact age of the baby. When the baby was still aged under 36 months there will be a risk for preterm birth, such as breathing problems, body temperature and digestion.

After seeing the many Risks and Adverse Effects of Operation Fault, then we suggest you should avoid persalilan fault. In addition to the price of an expensive operation also has danpak bad.