Sarah Silverman Commentary On Abortion Through Comedy

In response to the abortion debate is being warm in the United States, a comedian Sarah Silverman, said that male masturbation should also need to be regulated.

In her performances at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York, Silverman raised research results about half the base human life that rarely remembered.

“This is a new interesting stuff I’ve learned. Scientists have found that the sperm cell mem-smell. I know the smell of sperm, but it turns out that sperm has a sense of smell, “he said referring some results of research on the matter.

He continued, “you know what it means, the sperm is life. And you know what that means, we need to start to legalize. ”

Silverman, then, says that in some States in the United States, women are required to view the ultrasound photo of their fetus before making a decision.

“We will do it this way, a procedure that is very easy. We’ll take a GoPro camera that is small and thin as a needle and put it into the hole of the penis, into the urethra and then to Your testicle SAC, “Silverman explained.

“We will show the results of the ultrasound on you so that you can see life in Your private parts.”

These comedians are hoping to save the sperm cells of men who did not hesitate to kill them using bare hands.

“You wouldn’t believe how many men who will not want to masturbate after it,”

Get To Know The Traditions Of Chinese Cultural Marriage

Ethnic Chinese wedding procession has many perks. A long ritual with deep meaning is often the essence of the sacred to be enjoyed by couples along with relatives nearby.

However, according to Anindita Devayani, owner of Seserahan by the Rose Arbor, intimate wedding trends affect the exact procession.

Many couples and families who choose to shorten by not undergo a whole series of marches. Often, even in our custom in a snap with tribes, such as Tio Chiu, Hoklo, Hakka, and Konghu.

However, it is often also the couple who chose to undergo a series of processions in accordance with family tradition is hereditary.

The ritual begins long before the wedding took place. Housed in the residence of the prospective bride. Usually, the family man will hold the event proposal, to determine the exact time in make weddings.

In this event, there will be acting as a matchmaker of the family of the would-be groom, and deliver on the part of women, that the couple the bride is suitable to become husband and wife. When the advice of the matchmaker is accepted, it will be continued in the event of sangjit.

Sangjit procession is conducted about a month before the wedding.

At this event, the prospective groom and the woman would wear formal dress red, led by the elderly women, groups of families from the prospective groom will come carrying a box of sangjit, even in numbers.

“The box contains cosmetics, towels, clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, money, milk Ang Pao, two pairs of Red candles, two grapes, pork feet, longan fruit, citrus, Apple Cake, ting-ting, misoa, and sweets,” says Anindita.

At the end of the show, the woman’s family by the groom will give a reply for submission back to the carrier.

The meaning of this procession is the family. Women can still intervene in the couple’s family later. Typically, the groom replies can be syrup, sweets, clothing, shoes, and fruits.

The procession will proceed with the installation of new bed linens in the bride’s room. These events represent a harmonious domestic life and happy.

On the wedding day, the event will be preceded by a prayer ceremony, in honor of God, nature, the ancestors, as well as parents. Continued on appropriate religious blessing ceremony that is held, then tea pai, and ends with receptions. (Christina Holmes)

Not Always Determine The Academic Success Of Children

Whether you are a parent, who likes to compare the child with someone else or was angry at the kids when they didn’t get a good value in academic lessons?

Preferably, you stop doing this before finding out the talents and interests of your child.

Because, as revealed by Nana eclipses, m. Psi., psychologist, every child has talent each and parents could unearth the talents possessed by his son.

Not all children can be smart in academic and also has many talents. Sometimes they only have one of these, for example, a nice motor, visual or musical, or other things outside of academe.

“Not all children are good regarding his academic. Should parents shouldn’t be too push his son. Don’t feel shy, could have the children stand out in the talents of the other, “he added.

Thus, according to Nana, preferably a parent needs to be done to find out about the positive side of the children. Let your child find what you like, so she felt that can be involved with it.

Kids are more comfortable to be bored. You can dig in advance what motivation the son owned, and their goals. When they get bored, you give sense to them. The most important is to be communicated, said Nana.

If the child did not find her talents, you as a parent should opt in to direct and assist the children to get to know the talent he has.

“We have to figure out what talents and interests of our children. Fitting regarding what, for if children already feel according to what he was doing, or it could be a prosperous future for their points. Because success is not necessarily through academic, “said Nana.

Also, you as a parent not to worry if the wishes of the child are always changing.

For, as was said by Nana, after they sat on the bench in high school, then they will have their identity. If not, the child can also perform tests of interests and talents.

Teach Children The Basic Concepts Before School

Can not be denied that most parents nowadays wants his son quickly can receive lessons. Now, they try to send his son before the children had set foot in elementary school.

However, is this good? Then, whether the child will have better achievement, too?

It seems parents forget that there are other things that should be taught in children, outside of the school. Some of them, thinking that with sending his son as soon as possible, the children will become more active and more talented.

“The most important thing, the leading education given to children is a fundamental concept, which is a non-formal education,” said Nana eclipses, m. Psi., psychologist to, as found in Central Jakarta, Thursday (19/5/2016).

Nana explained that for children who are still aged 0-7 this year, the most important is to teach them the basic concept. For, regarding their cognitive is not ready to receive lessons in school.

Basic concepts in question are how to build self-esteem, independent attitude, manners, language to express themselves, and also the spiritual values.

These lessons will form the character of the child so that the child can grow well. Provision-provision such as this can only be taught by parents or the surrounding environment.

For if the son does not have a provision like this, possibly they are not appreciative of others can become larger.

Then, in a time of learning is done by children, Nana suggested that you make your child feel comfortable and happy. For children who psychologically feel comfy and happy are usually easier to catch what you teach.

Hence, as the parents are good and want to have a child with a real personality, you have to teach them the basic concepts without burdening the child. So, children can learn and play with the comfortable and happy.

Little-little Medication, Little Pain Medication … Very Spoiled!

Whether you people who frequently drink the chemical medicine when sick? If Yes, and you’re a bit fed up with the title above. Well, just think think again!

There are two types of illnesses who flog men, the disease, and minor ailments. Severe disease is certainly in need of treatment and more intensive medical care. In the meantime, minor illnesses (such as headaches, flu, coughs, or fever) can be cured without drugs. You just need to take a break and meet the nutritional intake.

In fact, people tend to choose chemical medication while experiencing mild pain. The reason? Of course, because the drug is easy to come by, and the effect is healing faster. In fact, too often taking any medication that chemical would cause side effects.

In fact, the body’s immune system has been capable of fighting the disease. However, if we always rely on medication every time sick, gradually the ability of the immune system it will decrease. We thus hurt so much easier, and dependency.

If it is so, the body is no longer an immune disease, but thus are resistant to the drugs. Moreover, in the long term there will be a possibility of damage to the kidneys and liver. Again, instead of being cured, the new disease instead of attacking the body.

Massage a la Yakson

The question is, if not taking the medication how the disease can be cured?

Don’t be pessimistic first! Like the proverb many roads lead to Rome, many roads lead to healthy. Try to watch educational comics entitled Yakson the doctor the little issue of Popular Science Bhuana.

But, don’t be fooled it with how it looks. Although he looks witty and playful, the contents of this book are really serious and not playing.

The book was originally intended for the children so that they can perform free treatment, either for yourself or someone else. Who knows their ideals for so doctors could be realized. However, it does not mean that adults cannot read and pull, right?

Through this comic, Yakson the doctor will let you know how to treat mild diseases with the method of massage hand at acupuncture points. Why massage the hand?

The hand is a mirror that can reflect on our health. Many nerve cells on hand that could stimulate other organs. Also, any treatment is easy because no special tools. Cheap, hardly even cost a penny. Unless you intend to call a masseur, Yes.

Well, if you had a headache, remember, don’t rush decided to take drugs. Pijatlah Palm of your hand.

The part that is massaged vary, depending the source of pain. If the whole head is sick, massage area between the thumb and index finger.

Also, you can massage the knuckles of the middle part (knuckle): index finger if the headache front, middle finger if the headaches are the top, ring finger if the problem part left-right pinkie, and if the headaches of the back.

Many more diseases that can be treated with this hand massage technique, such as constipation, carsick, toothache, colds, flu, and other minor ailments. Even hiccups and Acne can be resolved. Efficacious and almost no side effects.

Well, as long as there is still a way of healing without medication, why not try the massage hands a la Yakson? Rather than little-little medication, little-little medication, medication a little better, right?

The millennial generation Need Sensitivity ‘ Remote Sensing ‘ and ‘ Geothermal Energy ‘

What is the meaning of nationalism for a generation that never even imagine what it’s like as if freedom of speech is a luxury at a time? Or, just imagine that the student movement of the 60s and 90s was something heroic in his era?

Not to mention having to imagine nationalism of the national revival figures 108 years ago. What is the meaning of the resurrection for the golden generation or generation of gold? If needed the second wave of national revival towards 100 years of independence the country at 2045 later?

Turning Point

“Als in teens Nederlander was. Seandainyasaya a Netherlands “. The writings of Soewardi Soerjaningrat dare from Maha, written in the daily De Expres property of Douwes Dekker in 1913 it made the report the colonial Government. Writing it, it could be a written criticism, was the most devastating at the time.

The novel is one of the fruits of the national revival at the time of Budi Utomo in 1908 bringing fundamental changes in the pattern of a struggle of the nation of Indonesia. The struggle that relies on physical strength was replaced with the power of intellect. Instead of fighting with weapons and muscle, but by the mind and writings.

BUDi Utomo also pioneered the struggle sporadically become integrated. A pattern that has never known in an earlier era, who rely on the lights of their respective areas.

Integration of it realized in the party such as the Association of Indonesia. Then, the lights that used to put a King or sultanas the Commander was replaced by the nationalist leaders who do not respect of tribal and regional councils, but the fanaticism of idealism and intellect as “Commander in Chief”. That was the turning point of the struggle we are!

Remote Sensing

The cast of the revival it had the sensitivity (sensibility) in reading and map out the times to one point: freedom!

Yes, sensitivity. As the technology of remote sensing, remote sensing capabilities that rely on sensitivity ‘ sensor ‘ progress it’s think this is nationalism and must be owned by the younger generation today. Sensitivity to create awareness!

Aware that the present struggle is the struggle that relies on human resources rather than rely on the natural resources that are not sustainable. Realizing that the lights of sheer leadership will become obsolete and shifted into a competency-based leadership, integrity and values.

Recognizing that information technology and the digital revolution should encourage the rise of the creative industries and business sectors, the anti-corruption awareness and also educational and research sectors. Without sensitivity, the technological revolution was only addressed as addicted to online gaming or just downloading photos selfie in various social media. Yes, nothing more than that!

Geothermal power

The resurrection the millennial generation to true is also about extrapolating to a point: 100 years of independence, Indonesia which empowered competitiveness and dignified!

The power to rise (again) it is very great. Tub of geothermal power, reportedly the largest content exist in Indonesia, we have a special power that needs to be dug up and emitted.

The power of it is local wisdom and great value, such as cohesivity, tolerance, fighting power, creativity and also the geopolitical and geographical position of “sexy”. The integration of ASEAN must instead be used as the momentum of the second resurrection, not merely an opportunity, let alone threats.

To cultivate the super strength that does need to be a great investment. Not only does infrastructure investment.

BUDi Utomo is calling for in this nation that the main motor of change is education and cultural, not political. Teaching and culture must stand most ahead as Commander in Chief. Education that not only deals with the cognitive aspects, but education that evokes sensitivity, and awareness.

Yes, not an education that yields a generation “indifferent”, a generation that is not sensitive. Amazing geothermal power it will be able to move the turbine the turbine to produce nation energy awareness a resurrection.

How Big Role of Internet Marketing For Your Business Continuity.

internet for marketing

The emergence of business people make the more business marketing strategy that every time it tried with the aim of improving the quality of sales of products in the form of goods or services from any company or entrepreneur who started his business from scratch. However, do you know if at this time to launch a business is not just to lobby the other company or fellow business colleagues to get more clients. Precisely at this moment, has been widely adopted marketing models that use information technology, one of which is through Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing has become stance many people who are undergoing the concentration of business through online and conventional systems. That is, every businessperson must have its own way to promote their business. No other also for the newly build his business both on a small scale. But if we only rely on conventional marketing, by plunging into the field and to offer it to everyone, from one institution to another, so for now it can be considered to be no longer effective.

Business strategies by doing marketing through internet marketing is now widely used. However, internet marketing is how, which is used to market a product that we have, so the result is not only that’s it, but bring a significant impact to the business we do.

Here we will describe an effective internet marketing so that if the economy is monitored through a curve, on a business trip could have been better and the full increase.

Internet Marketing Services Through Google Adwords

Jasa Adwords Terpercaya is an advertising service that is provided by Google Inc. for the purpose of helping all people who use google apps in developing its business until it reaches the point of success. Then, how to use the services of adwords that the real goal is to advertise our businesses in the virtual world to be visited by many people to become better known.

Do not worry with this google adwords. It is precisely these services will allow you to conduct your business that pioneered conventionally or online. Any person who provides services advertising with Google Adwords is definitely going to tell you as an entrepreneur, what will appear in the ad, then the part of any keyword that will be used by parties interested in optimizing their business, so that others who plays as clients can easily to find the address of the targeted site. Therefore, many businesses are also using the system model online service, so that the company is not only known as the name alone, but is also known in terms of service provide good quality products in the field of services and goods, through the services of internet marketing that service Adwords, reliable internet marketing service owned by google.

Microsoft will LAYOFF Employees mobile phone Division 1,850

Microsoft is starting to show signs of reduction the focus of business smartphone. It is visible from his smartphone Division downsizing plans.

In its official description, Microsoft stated there are employees affected were to 1,850 such plans, or in other words will be subject to termination of employment relationships (LAYOFFS).

Microsoft is ready to be financially over the plan it. It is said, Microsoft would have doubled the cost of a decrease in the value of assets (impairment) and the restructuring of 950 million us dollars or around Rp 12.9 trillion.

About 200 million us dollars (USD 2.7 trillion) will be used to pay for employee severance.

Even so, Microsoft stated is not completely abandoning the business smartphone.

“We focus our efforts so that our phones have differentiation — with companies that value the security, manageability, and the ability of our Continuum, and consumers who appreciate the value of the same,” wrote Satya Nadella, Microsoft’S CEO.

“We will continue to innovate on different types of devices and cloud services across mobile platforms,” he added.

A result of this plan, Microsoft said it will lay off about 1,350 employees working at Microsoft Mobile Oy in Finland. About 500 workers globally will also experience the same thing.

Meanwhile, employees who work for Microsoft Oy, the sales division of Microsoft in Espoo, this plan will not be affected.

Microsoft itself is indeed quite selves in the smartphone business. According to a recent report from research firm Gartner, Windows Phone Mobile Phone sold throughout the first quarter of 2016 only as much as 2.39 million units. Its market share was only touching 0.7 percent.

Not long ago, Microsoft had “ceded” Department featured Nokia phone to the subsidiary Foxconn.

WhatsApp Messages Without Reading Secrets Discovered

Users of instant messaging application WhatsApp would already know, a black checkmark next to the message means the message has been sent. The check was received, two black and two blue tick means the message has been read.

But there are times when the recipient does not want to know when the message sender has already read, because of each course.

For those of you that are included in the so can follow the following tips, on how to read messages on WhatsApp without having to make two tick marks black to blue.

Whatsapp does indeed provide a feature to disable the blue checkmark (read-receipt) in the Menu, but this setting applies both ways.

If enabled, users cannot see whether his message is read or not.

However, there is another solution to solve this problem. The secret lies in Airplane Mode features that exist on every device a smartphone.

If you receive a message you want to read WhatsApp without making the poster knows, change mode smartphone into Airplane Mode before opening the message.

In this mode, all applications will be offline, but all the received message was received and stored in the cache of the smartphone to read.

Previously, make sure the first applications were not opened when WhatsApp enable Airplane Mode.

By turning off data, then your WhatsApp can not tell the server that the messages sent have been opened and read.

Users can freely read all messages in Airplane mode this Mode without the worry of the message sender knows it. However, fashion Airplane Mode deactivated, the server can identify if WhatsApp messages sent or read yet.

Keep in mind. This trick is applicable only to private messages only. A read receipt for all messages sent to the conversation group (group chat) will always be active.

Prevent Mental Retardation, Check Thyroid Levels Your Baby!

Not only adults, but children are also at risk of thyroid function disorders affected. In children, thyroid disorders can occur at birth, i.e. congenital hypothyroid.

The Chairman of the Central Executive Board Ties Indonesia Pediatricians (IDAI), Dr. Aman Pulungan Bhakti, Sp. A (K) says, can cause congenital hypothyroid infants experience the disorder grew swell until the mental retardation and behavior if not immediately treated.

Secure reminds the importance of conducting screening or filtering of congenital hypothyroid against baby-newborn.

“Birth symptoms baseball look. So if baseball selection, yeah Nah know. If the wait for symptoms to appear, we fear there is a delay in treatment, “said safe in a press conference the International Thyroid Awareness Week 8 in Jakarta, Tuesday (24/5/2016).

Checking thyroid levels ideally 48-72 hours counted since the baby was born. If detected congenital hypothyroid, the baby will be directly received treatment to prevent disturbance of flower grows up to mental retardation.

Congenital hypothyroid is the lack of production of thyroid hormone by the thyroid gland which occurred since birth. In fact, thyroid hormone is needed for brain development and flower growing babies. If not immediately treated, can lower the quality of life of children in the future.

Aman reveals, the prevalence of congenital hypothyroid worldwide, including Indonesia’s estimated 1 of 3000 birth a baby. In Indonesia, if an average 5 million babies born per year, then there is about a baby with congenital hypothyroid 1,600 annually.

Evie Yulin as Director of Biopharma PT Merck Indonesia, Tbk, the figures reveal a thyroid examination in children is still minuscule. As much as 65 percent of the children have never undergone a review of thyroid function.

Congenital hypothyroid screening has become the standard services for all newborn babies, according to the Permenkes No. 25 by 2014 on efforts of health services child and Permenkes No. 80 of 2014.

However, not all hospitals performing such screening. Parents also need initiative brings her baby to the hospital to undergo thyroid levels checked.